To meet the needs of our clientele, Clini-Derma is pleased to offer you an online dermatology consultation service that is on the cutting edge of technology, efficient, secure and personalized. This will allow you to obtain a quality and fast service in dermatology.

Our service is ideal for dermatological conditions that do not usually require direct medical consultation. However, if the patient’s medical situation requires it, our medical centre will welcome you at one of our locations.

What are the benefits of an online dermatology consultation?

The online dermatology consultation will allow you to receive :

  • a quick, secure and personalized service from one of our dermatologists certified by the Collège des médecins du Québec ;
  • medical prescriptions and the renewal of your medical prescriptions ;
  • if needed, tests such as blood tests, biopsies and other diagnostic tests ;
  • if necessary, an appointment for an on-site dermatology consultation ;
  • a professional medical follow-up.

How does our teledermatology service work?

Clini-Derma’s online dermatology service is very easy to use. Just follow the steps below:

  • Contact the clinic at 514-400-3291 or register on our site by filling out the requested fields and specify the reason for your consultation.
  • Once your appointment has been created, your identifier will be entered into our database.
  • The clinic will contact you to provide you with the necessary information for your connection with the doctor.