Get Fuller Lips with Lip Augmentation and Fillers

Lip fillers and lip augmentation are some of the most popular cosmetic treatments available today. Full lips can completely transform your features and make you look much more youthful, especially if the treatment is administered well. Plump lips can improve the appearance and quality of your smile, which can have a big impact on your personal and professional life. However, this procedure isn’t as easy as it sounds and it is a good idea to get it done by an experienced professional like Dr. Doumit.

What is Lip Augmentation?

Lip augmentation is the process of increasing the size and altering the shape of the lips to make them appear fuller. Our doctor will gently inject fillers at specific points of your lips to give them some volume and definition. Our goal is to make sure the size and shape of the lips fit in perfectly with your features and looks natural. We make sure the lips don’t overwhelm your face and make it look unbalanced.

Is Lip Augmentation A Good Idea For Me?

Most people are nervous about getting lip fillers. They have heard horror stories and seen pictures of the results getting drastically out of hand. In most cases, the fault lays with the doctor and his inability to advise their patient properly. Dr. Doumit has ample experience in the field and knows how to administer the treatment effectively. He will study your features carefully and recommend the best treatment plan.

Lip Augmentation is a safe and quick procedure. It is temporary and the filler solution is made from body-friendly materials. It will dissolve into your body without causing any kind of adverse effect.

This treatment is particularly effective for women with naturally thin lips. There is room to add volume and control the shape of the lip. It is more difficult to add fillers to naturally full lips because the size can easily get out of control.

How Does Lip Augmentation Work?

The lip filler procedure is quick and easy. You can get it done during lunch break and return to work if needed. Here’s a quick look at the process:

    • The first step is a consultation. Dr. Doumit will ask you some questions about what kind of lip shape and size you want and then come up with a treatment plan.
    • He will only proceed if you’re satisfied with the plan and understand how the new lip fillers will influence your features.
    • He will first apply a numbing agent or topical anesthetic cream on your lips to ensure you don’t experience too much discomfort.
    • Dr. Doumit will then inject small amounts of the filler solution on different points of your lips. He is very careful during this process and only injects as much solution as you need to get the desired results.

The entire procedure is almost painless. The doctor will massage the injection site to ensure the filler solution is distributed evenly before sending you home. Your lips will be sensitive for 24 to 48 hours after the procedure is complete. You can also experience some light bruises and injection marks, but they will heal quickly.

If you want to know more, don’t hesitate to contact us and book a consultation with Dr. Doumit.