Transform Your Face With Rhinoplasty in Montreal

The nose is one of the most prominent facial features and it’s not uncommon for people to be unsatisfied with its appearance. The size, shape, and alignment of the nose can have a big impact on your overall appearance. We offer expert Rhinoplasty in Montreal services and can transform the appearance of your nose. Our doctor specializes in non-surgical rhinoplasty that’s not as invasive as traditional rhinoplasty and provides great results.

What is Rhinoplasty in Montreal?

Rhinoplasty is an old and effective cosmetic procedure that alters the shape and appearance of a person’s nose. Our non-surgical rhinoplasty is a great option for patients who are worried about complications, recovery period, invasive surgery, and intense pain. It is an easy and affordable alternative to traditional surgery and almost delivers similar results.

Dr. Doumit fills in depressed areas of your nose, lift the angle of the tip, and smooth its overall appearance to ensure your nose looks more symmetrical. You will notice the change in appearance immediately and don’t have to deal with any kind of downtime.

Who is Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty in Montreal For?

This treatment isn’t for people who want to reduce the size of their nose. That requires full surgery and has a long recovery process. Non-surgical rhinoplasty is for people with a misshapen or asymmetrical nose. You’re a good candidate for this procedure if you have:

  • Slightly crooked nose
  • Flat or depressed nose
  • Traumatic injury to the nose
  • A small bump on the bridge
  • Some drooping at the nasal tip

This procedure can correct noses that need a little more height and definition. It’s also a good method to correct minor imperfections that are left behind by traditional rhinoplasty surgery.

A Look At The Rhinoplasty in Montreal Procedure

Dr. Doumit will take time to understand your requirements and preferences before the procedure. He will discuss the procedure in detail and explain what kind of results you can expect. Once you have understood and agreed to the procedure, he will proceed. Here’s a look at what you can expect:

  • Dr. Doumit will first clean up the site for Rhinoplasty in Montreal procedure.
  • He will then apply numbing cream over the treatment area to ensure that the skin isn’t sensitive. This reduces the patient’s discomfort and helps him to recover from the procedure better.
  • He will use an ultrafine needle to administer small doses of dermal fillers at specific points on your nose. The idea is to fill depressed areas to give your nose a more even appearance.
  • You can look at the mirror between injections to monitor the progress and see the results. We can stop at any time so you should let us know if you’re unsatisfied with the results immediately.

The procedure will give your nose an even appearance and correct asymmetry. The results of the procedure can vary from one patient to another, but most of our patients are satisfied with the results.

Rhinoplasty in Montreal doesn’t require a downtime so you can get on with your day after leaving the clinic. Make sure you don’t touch or apply makeup over the treatment area to avoid infection. If you want to know more, don’t hesitate to call us today!